• Your room has two independent systems for summer and winter, which are separately controlled.
  • During winter the radiators will heat your room. They are controlled by the wall-mounted thermostat.
  • During summer, the radiators are turned off, and the Panasonic electric "mini-split" unit (mounted high on the wall) will provide both heating and cooling. It is controlled by the Panasonic handheld remote.


  • If the AC is not working properly and you see a flashing yellow timer light on the Panasonic "mini-split", the unit needs resetting. Please follow these instructions, or call us on 218-325-3317 for assistance.
    • You'll need a small pointed object, such as a pencil or a pin. If you don't have one, you'll find a pin pushed into the wood at the back of the lower drawer in the closet unit in your room.
    • Hold the Panasonic remote control, and point it at the wall-mounted mini-split while standing close to it.
    • Use the pin to push the recessed button on the lower right corner marked "AC Reset"
    • Turn the power off, by pressing the yellow "OFF/ON" button at the top of the remote and wait 10 seconds
    • Turn the power back on, by pressing the yellow "OFF/ON" button at the top of the remote
    • The unit should now operate properly, but it may take a few minutes until you feel cold air flowing